is a Mastodon instance federated with the Fediverse.

It implements the ActicityPub Standard for microblogging and unlike Twitter, BlueSky or Threads it is not centralized or controlled by a single corporation or instance.


No Ads# does not have any Advertising or "Sponsored Content" whatsoever!

  • Since you the user already pay us to keep it that way!
No Algorithm or Suggestions#

Mastodon and the Fediverse do not not have algorithms or manipulative search suggestions.

  • All your content and suggestions are 'organic' in that they are solely based upon who you follow and what those people post and boost.
You are in control#

You can decide who can see your posts, how long they are online, who can message you.

  • You can also decide to block anyone or entire instances/domains if you want to.


Client Setup#

monocles social#






Migrating Accounts and Followers#

Migrating to


Migrating from


Use with Tor#


Limitations and Known Issues#

This Service does require a Monocles Full Account!#

As maintaining, moderating and hosting Mastodon takes a huge amount of resources and costs, we think that making it

Bots have to be marked as such!#

This can be done in the account settings by selecting "This Account is automated". staff reserve the right to block, remove or restrict Bots if they negatively impact or are subject to valid reports.#
Some Domains and Users have been blocked from

This is only done when absolutely necessary to enshure stays operational, isn't flooded with Spam or attacked by malicious actors.

  • uses this as a last resort yet "necessary evil" to enshure the service stays up and running.

  • reserves the right to add and remove entries without prior notice or warning at any moment to enshure the security and safety of the instance and/or it's users and to comply with laws based off it's juristiction, which is Germany.

Illegal content is not permitted - period!# can and will comply with all applicable laws based off it's juristiction, which is Germany.

This means obviously illegal contents will not be accepted and if reported as violation, moderators of reserve the right to issue warnings, delete posts, restrict account access and/or delete entire accounts.

For anyone not in the know, this obviously includes the German Penal Code.

Obviously Illegal content:#

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hatespeech of any kind!

  • Use of banned symbols and spreading of these (including but not limited to Swastikas).

  • Any content depicting sexual acts without consent (i.e. rape) or the ability to consent (i.e. minors, animals).

If you are unshure about whether or not said content is appropriate, ask yourself if doing so on a well-frequented public square in Germany would be appropriate and if you can't say yes, please don't!#
In case of an account being banned or restricted due to user behaviour, this does not entitle the user to refunds of any kind.#