monocles ocean#

Your personal & private Cloud


Ample of Space#

monocles ocean comes with 5 GB of Storage included.

  • If you really need additional space, please contact monocles for a custom quote.

Confer is a Video-Groupchat Functionality based off Nextcloud Talk.

You can create Videoconferences with a few clicks and invite others into those by sharing the link to it via eMail or therwise.

  • Only the User creating the confer call needs to have a monocles full account in order generate a call as well as moderate it.

  • Visitors that join in are not required to have a monocles account at all.

Sync for Calendar and Contacts#

You can sync your Calendar using CalDAV and your Contacts using CardDAV with monocles ocean.

Share files and Collaborate#

You can share your monocles ocean folders and files with a few clicks right from it's webinterface.

Host your big eMail attachments#

You can then put your big files on monocles ocean.

This is espechally helpful if you want to sent files above 4 MB (as some recieving mail providers will not accept such big eMails!) and/or if you or the recipient(s) have a slow, unreliable or non-permanent internet connection.

Limitations and Known Issues#

Poor Video / Audio Quality in confer calls#

confer relies on a fast and stable connection of all participants in order to provide Audio and Video Transfers.

  • Slow internet connections of participants, espechally a lack of upload or uplink bandwith can severy impact the experience and ability participate in a confer call.
Sadly the only remediation is to get a better internet connection...#

We recommend at least An upload bandwith of 1 MByte/s or 8 Mbit/s for videocalls in 1080p and at least 128kbit/s for Audio-only calls.

  • confer will likely still work at way lower bandwiths, but the Audio and Video quality may drop significantly up to and including disconnection, lag or unuseable video.
This is issue cannot be fixed and applies to any videoconferencing and videocalling solution out there, as it's a systemic problem out of reach for the developers.#