For Terminology


For monocles chat App and Service#
Group chat#

A Chatroom for multiple users, like the Public Support Chat.


A User that is inside a Group Chat

You can find further information on the XMPP Terminology Documentation which also includes translations for the terms.#

General Terms#


The Remote System you connect to in order to access a Service.


A specific Service one wants to access using i.e. a Client (regardless if Web-Client or standalone App).


A specific Software used to do a specific task.

  • For example, browsing the web, listening to music or reading messages.

An App used to access a Service.

  • For Example: monocles chat is an Android App that can be used to access XMPP Services like or any other XMPP-Server.

This is an App that doesn't require installation but is run entirely within a Web Browser.

  • For Example, there is a Webmailer for monocles that can be used instead of a installing an eMail-Client on a device.

Self - Custody refers to the exclusive private ownership and storage of keys.

  • For Example, if someone keeps their private keys solely on devices they control and own, then they are exercising self-custody.