monocles translator#

a translator app based on Translate You#


monocles Translator supports multiple different translation engines such as the monocles translate or other LibreTranslate instances. Also Lingva, Deepl and more.

  • In total, there are more than 200 supported languages across 6 different translation engines.



We recommend using F-Droid in case you want to sideload the App onto devices without Google Play or F-Droid. - However it is highly recommended to install F-Droid in order to get updates and notification about new Versions when they are available.

Google Play#

Google Play will require you to have a device with Google Apps installed on them as well as a Google Account. - These may however not be available to you or in your juristiction.

Limitations and Known Issues#

Needs online connectivity#

monocles translator uses the Servers of monocles to process said translations across different backends.

  • Whilst monocles does not log the contents, we think it's essential to disclose this fact as a matter of transparency.
OS Support#
Currently all monocles Apps support Android only.#

As for different OSes, there are also WebApps associated with monocles Services and said Services can also be used with the appropriate, standard-compliant Clients on different plattforms.

Functions ceasing to work#
I.e. "I can't make a photo / video from within the App"#

This is a feature of Android since Version 12 and subsequently Android-ROMs/Distributions like GrapheneOS: (Unused) Apps get their permissions revoked (if the associated intents are not being used).

  • This is done to combat malware that requests excessive permissions and data.
The only known option is to reeenable said permissions in the Settings App under Apps -> monocles translator -> Permissions.#