Because Transparency is key to being trustworthy.


monocles Mission Statement#

Monocles aims to provide secure and privacy-oriented communications and cloud storage solutions with a very high degree of useability and accessibility in mind.

We believe that secure communications should be affordable for everyone and that transparency (like our Apps being Free and Open Source Software) is critical to earn and keep your trust as customer of our services and/or user of our Apps.

General Statement#

monocles will always aim to maximize transparency to the maximum possible extent in regards to it's Apps and Services.#

Of course this isn't limitless, since we can't provide everyone with every little detail, as we too are bound by laws in regards to confidentiality and privacy.

  • This also protects YOU as user / customer of our apps and/or services - You're welcome !

Terms of Service#

Monocles' Terms of Service are compact and will state the obvious, like that we do not tolerate abuse of our service for illegal activities and will act when necessary.

Data Collected and Processed#

monocles will only store and process data as required to provide it's services and only if you use these for that sole purpose - period!#

Since we're funded by you as paying customers, we won't sell your data or otherwise invade your privacy.

  • Regardless of whether or not you trust us, you can use proper End-to-End - Encryption like OMEMO and PGP/MIME and we do encourage users to do so.
If you close your account then we'll delete all the data associated with it shortly after.#

The only exceptions are based upon legal requirements on our end, like accounting, which we're obligated to follow as per tax code and other relevant laws in Germany.

  • We also offer anonymous payment and donation methods like Monero and Cash-by-Mail for payment of monocles Account Subscriptions.

    • In these cases, we only record the payment being done and in case of Monero, the txid of the payment.