monocles Apps#

These do not require a monocles account to be used.#
For the best experience we do however encourage you to at least give our Services a try!#
  1. monocles Services fund the development and maintenance of the monocles Apps.
  2. monocles Services and Apps are tested against each other and thus issues and bugs between those have expedited priority.
    • Whilst we do use standard protocols, we cannot test every permutation of Servers in the wild!

List of Apps#

monocles mail#

A user-friendly eMail client that integrates PGP/MIME (OpenPGP and GnuPG compatible) end-to-end encryption.

monocles chat#

A user-friendy XMPP chat client that integrates PGP & OMEMO end-to-end encryption.

  • Supporting not only text chat over Clearnet, Tor and I2P, but also file transmissions, voice and video calls.
monocles Browser#

A privacy-enhancing browser that blocks JavaScript as well as Cookies per default.

It uses Android's WebView based off Chromium.

monocles social#

A client for, a Mastodon instance federated with the Fediverse.

This App does require a Monocles Full Account!#
monocles translator#

A translator App built on top of Translate You

  • It also Supports multiple different translation engines.