Getting Started with monocles#

Step-by-Step Starters Guide:#

Create a monocles Account:#
If you have an existing account you can skip this step!#
  1. Go to the Registration Page and create a new account.
  2. Add a prepaid Account Subscription by buying it from the monocles store or redeeming a prepaid voucher for your account.
  3. You can now login and use the Services based off your subscription.
Get the monocles Apps:#
You can download the Apps from the following Sources:#
Google Play#
  • This will require an Android Phone with Google Apps and a Google Account, which may or may not be available to you based off your device and juristiction.
  • F-Droid does not require any account nor registration, and whilst it is highly recommended to download the F-Droid App and install it as it will notify you about updates and conveniently allow you to update them, you can also download the APK files directly from the Website.

  • If you want to sideload our Apps, we urge you to download them from the F-Droid website instead of using Websites that offer you to sideload the App from Google Play!

  • F-Droid builds these Apps directly from our published sourcecode repository and signs them with their public key, so you can be shure the App is genuinely using our code and is not a doctored or manipulated Version!

Use monocles Services#

Depending on your monocles Account and/or your personal preference you may use the associated Apps by monocles or compatible options for said monocles services included in your account subscription:

All of these Services come at least with their own WebApp as well, so you can use them in your browser without any installation required!#

This is done to provide customers with an easy ready-to-use service without the need to setup anything in order to get started.