In case you need further help...

Public Support - Chat#

Under is a Support Chat reachable.

By joining or using the of the Support Chat, you agree to the terms and rules for it:#
1. Keep the room focussed on support issues for monocles Apps and Services!#

For off-topic discussions there is a seperate room available, please use it for that!

  • The same rules [except the first one ] do also apply to the Off-Topic Chat.
2. Please be aware that we only allow english-languaged messages in said chats to enshure a productive envoirment as well as being able to moderate it.#

We've got neither the time nor resources to support other languages as of now, and we don't want Spammers to flood it.

3. When joining, you've to ask for permissions to write a message in the Chat by sending a message to a moderator in it.#

This is done to combat Spambots.

4. Access to the Support Chat - or any of the Services and Support Channels by monocles is a privilegue, not a right!#

monocles and it's staff reserve the right to restrict access or ban single accounts or disable the functionality of the Support Chat entirely at any time.

5. A normal and polite conduct in the channels is to be expected.#

Obviously illegal and disturbing behaviour will not be tolerated!

  • It's the sole and final decision of the moderators to mute, kick or ban accounts.
6. This chat is public! Keep that in mind!!#

Don't post any private or sensitive info - espechally not any passwords or logins here!

  • Monocles Staff will NEVER ask for your password or anything else that would allow them to login to your account!
7. Stating the obvious:#

Absense of a specific rule does not mean that it's tolerable or even acceptable behaviour!

  • As yourself if it would be okay to say what you type to a random person on the street and if not, don't!
8. Keep calm and be patient!#

This channel does NOT have paid staff on 24/7 rotation, so if your question isn't answered within mere seconds or minutes, then please don't panic.

  • We'll get to your message soon...
9. All support is provided "as-is" without any warranties whatsoever!#

We do aim to do everything we can to help users within our limits.

  • Some issues can't be resolved as they are outside of the influence of monocles and/or the User. Like network issues caused by ISPs and/or Governments on the end-user side...

  • We'll aim to document these in the Section "Known Issues and Limitations" on our documentation whenever we get information about such cases.

10. Please check the documentation first before asking.#

We've explicity written this documentation to help users.

  • Please use the Search Function to find the relevant contents.

  • The documentation is being constantly updated with new information.

eMail Support#

This is only available to paying customers with a plan that includes eMail Support!#

Simply send an eMail from your monocles mail account ( eMail-Address ends with or - i.e. ) to with Subject Line "SupportRequest" .

  • This is done to prevent Spam.

Please do not change the Subject of any reply eMails when replying!

  • This is to enshure your support request is being handled and sorted correctly.

Support Hotline#

Monocles does not operate a public Support Hotline!#
Customers with a contract that includes Phone Support will find the contact details in their documents as part of the contract.#